I have a lot of customers ask me this question. Soft can I say it again they are soo Soft.

I do love to make the plastic synthetic dreads but wearing them can be a real struggle at times. They itch!!!! You will not get that with wool dreads. 

Also with KaneKalon dreads you are limited on color. I have to say we have yet, not been able to create a color someone wanted. In the Marc Jacobs fashion show we did over 300 different colors alone. 

Yes, you definitely can wash them. You need to plan on several hours for your maintenance. 

With proper care and maintenance they last a long time.

I have several customers who have had sets for over a year.

You will need to have them taken out and re installed at least ever 2 - 2 1/2 months. If not your hair will start to grow around the dreads. 

I hope this this will answer some frequently asked questions for you.